【Vivaldi】アップデート (→1.9.818.50 )





A minor update to the stable release of Vivaldi 1.9 has arrived!
The following improvements have been made.

Changelog since the second release of version 1.9 (818.49)
 [Regression] vivaldi://startpage does not work correctly as homepage VB-27815
 [Mac] Unable to type/search two or more Japanese words using Quick command VB-19079
 New tab extension override page VB-27785
 Unpredictable Japanese IME behaviour when typing Notes VB-24142
 Updated translations
 Updated Chromium to 58.0.3029.114
 A minor update to the stable release of Vivaldi 1.9 has arrived!
 The following improvements have been made.

Changelog since the initial release of version 1.9 (818.44)
 [Regression] Apply accent color to window setting lost on startup – Theme changes now instantly saved VB-27990
 [Regression][IME] “Find in Page” breaks inputting words when hit in page VB-27286
 [Regression][Mac] Non-admin users cannot launch Vivaldi VB-28028
 [Regression][Mac] Certificate error page doesn't allow links to be clicked VB-27701
 Pages not encoded in UTF-8 cannot be revisited, closed, etc. VB-27708
 Remove Report Diagnostics setting - for more information see Vivaldi Browser Privacy Policy
 Updated Chromium to 58.0.3029.97
 The stable release of Vivaldi 1.9 has arrived!
 Today we bring you Vivaldi 1.9, which now features Ecosia — the search engine that plants trees. The new version also includes a number of important security fixes and functional improvements, as well as a long-requested feature that lets you shuffle the order of your extensions and the ability to sort notes.

Changelog since version 1.8 (735.56)
 [New feature][Search Engines] Add Ecosia as a pre-installed search engine
 [New feature][Notes] Implement sorting VB-27313
 [New feature][Extensions] Allow changing placement of extension buttons on address bar VB-13275
 [New feature][History] Add “Filter by Site” to panel VB-26799
 [New feature][Web Panels] Add “Removed Web Panels” to the context menu to access previously removed web panels VB-26157
 [Windows] Close button area shall reach edge of maximized view on Win7/8 VB-20251
 [Mac] Vivaldi often crashes when closing tab VB-27495
 [Linux][Address Field] Focus not in Adress Field on startup, when on the start page VB-26580
 [Address Field] Sometimes the search get’s triggered even if “Search in Address Field” is disabled VB-26604
 [Address Field] Hovering over URLs in the drop-down skips entries VB-26876
 [Address Field] Selecting bookmark folder shortcut with mouse in address field does not open in seperated tabs VB-26278
 [Address Field] Autocompletion should prefer shorter history item over typed history VB-27153
 [Address Field] Autocompleting can be triggered while deleting a character VB-27239
 [Address Filed] Shorter History link should be prioritized over longer Bookmarked URL VB-27303
 [Address Field] Can not select folder from nickname with arrow keys in address bar dropdown VB-26433
 [Bookmarks] Improve editor usability: Better handling for Escape and cancelling of actions VB-26648
 [Extensions] Page action extension badges do not show up in address bar VB-26340
 [Extensions] Extension button options still not rendering properly – uMatrix VB-25899
 [Extensions] Show extension buttons when hiding toggle control
 [Extensions] Drag and drop extension can have huge extension badge icons VB-26540
 [Find in Page] Needs a Limit for Selected Text VB-26694
 [Find in Page] Switching to different tab and back puts selected text in “Find in Page” field. VB-26027
 [Find in Page] Search query is not selected in dialog VB-26745
 [Gestures] Require minimum length for gesture stroke VB-26469
 [History] Manager content is not restored VB-26919
 [History] Add support for removing ‘Discarded User Data’ from Clear Private Data dialog VB-26264
 [History] Manager performance improvements VB-27156
 [History] Focus search field isn’t focused by default VB-27048
 [IME] First character typed in input box gets committed without converted to Japanese VB-24467
 [Keyboard shortcuts] clash with diacritic composition VB-26734
 [Keyboard shortcuts] settings entry can become hidden VB-25192
 [Quick Commands] One char nicknamed bookmarks not opened directly when match VB-26776
 [Quick Commands] Searching inserts a space at the beginning of the query VB-26203
 [Search Engines] Make Yahoo the default search for most countries
 [Search Engines] Allow editing a search engine to change it to use “POST” VB-3414
 [Search Field] Home and End buttons work in dropdown VB-27270
 [Screenshots] Configurable capture storage folder VB-26829
 [Screenshots] Need better behavior when cursor is out of the Vivaldi window (integration with environment) VB-26256
 [Screenshots] Capture selection should be modifiable: work is still in progress VB-27155
 [Spatial Navigation] Indicator changes state when clicked VB-27273
 [Spatial Navigation] Jumps over certain elements VB-26720
 [Themes] Start page + sign color does not change with theme VB-26845
 [Update Notifier] It does not use the configured Vivaldi locale VB-27426
 [Update Notifier] It doesn’t start for system-wide installs VB-26764
 Favicons not shown when a page uses 'link rel="shortcut icon"' VB-24025
 Improve keyboard handling in panels: particularly how Escape is handled VB-26839
 Moving tab in Reading View to a New window causes Reading View icon to disappear VB-23579
 Open history page or bookmark page from middle click on corresponding panel buttons VB-26266
 Opening and closing panels triggers errors and is jerky VB-26575
 Right-positioned tab overlaps Page Actions menu VB-26272
 Added separate setting for spacebar fast forward VB-27386
 Misplaced “Detect Page Title Notifications” item in Settings VB-26909
 Chromecasting Tab is not working correctly VB-26553
 Fast forward isn’t working on some pages where we would expect it to VB-27200
 Return focus from closed panel VB-9410
 Performance improvements: thanks WillyYu VB-26302
 Updated Chromium to 58.0.3029.82






Unpredictable Japanese IME behaviour when typing Notes VB-24142







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